From the outside a rather strange looking igloo, on the inside a phenomenal treat for the senses!!

Hastings Round Table are very pleased to have helped Creative Space get their mobile planetarium up and running. Here’s what they have to say…

“Thanks to the incredibly kind generosity of the Round Table (and others), having bought the planetarium back in March last year, it has been a massive success. 

We’ve managed to enthuse and inspire thousands of children across the south east of England by introducing them to the wonders of space. We really couldn’t have done it without you. 

I’d projected to do up to two planetarium shows a week within the first year of having the dome. We’re already booked for four or five (sometimes six) a week up to the Easter holiday - this is well beyond our expectations.

If demand continues like this, and there’s every indication that it will, we’ll soon be able to start funding community projects and free public engagement events, which is all part of the plan. “

If ever you get the chance, we highly recommend having a go… we were treated to a sample, and it’s simply amazing!!

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